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Racer® Paris Pop-Up 2021

A photo exhibition and an aftermovie highlighting memorable moments from the Racer® Pop-Up at the Paris Fashion Week. 1st and 2nd of October 2021. 

Over 2000 guests came to see F/W 22 sample presentation, interactive installations and live art performance by Anton Reva & Semen Ushkov.

. Queuing up before the opening on the Racer Blue Carpet near the entrance, guests were welcomed with a greeting coin to use in the Racer vending machine to have a chance to win unreleased Racer items. More than 20 "Racer" Tattoos were made by guests at the Racer Tattoo corner. By 10 PM during the opening day DJ area with a Live performance taking place on the underground floor got so overcrowded that it started to get extremely hot and hard to breathe. Windows were starting to get wet and fogged out as more and more crowd was arriving. In 30 minutes security had to stop people from entering in and as hundreds of people started to gather outside, it wasn’t long before police came. The crowd outside got so big that it started to block the road in front of the Pop-Up. Around midnight event had to be shut down.

It’s a great honor for the Racer Team to be able to organize this Pop-Up. Which proved to be the gathering place for all the like-minded people, who flew from all over the world for this event.