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Black Modular® 2L Shoulder Bag

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Modular® 2L Shoulder Bag. Reflective graphic. Quick attachment mechanism. 2 compartments. Main compartment with inner pocket. Front compartment with with inner mesh divider. Racer Worldwide signature garment label.

Detachable belt and hook system enables this bag to convert into a waistpack or a pocket that can be attached to other garments including jackets, backpacks and tote bags within special Racer Modular® line.

Package contains special stickers.

Integrates with: Modular® 20L Backpack, Racer Belt, Modular Jacket®

Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 7 cm

Capacity: 2L

Material: 600 GSM 100% enhanced durability polyester. Waterproof.