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Large Racer Mystery Box

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The concept of the Mystery Box is very simple, you don't know what exactly you're going to get, you can only guess and our team will do their best to impress you. The content of the Mystery box will be much more valuable than the box's price. Works perfectly as a gift. Large Mystery Box includes up to 4 or 5 additional items. Might include very rare and unreleased items. You are able to pick the size of clothing for your Mystery Box. Every Mystery Box will have some special bonus inside like stickers, postcards etc.Each Mystery Box is put together individually, there won't be any duplicates. Here is an example of how a box’s content might look like: Event Exclusive Mystery Hoodie, Random Jacket/T-Shirt/ Hoodie/ Pants etc., Accessory, might include some Rare Sample T-Shirt/ Sweatshirt/ Unreleased bag etc... small event bonuses. Please keep in mind that the content of each box is random. You never know what awaits you in each box, so let it be a surprise to everyone.