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Large Racer® Christmas Mystery Box

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The concept of the Mystery Box is that you don't know what exactly you're going to get, but you will have a good idea of what it might be and the content of it will be at least 2 or more times valuable than the box's price. Works perfectly as a Christmas Gift.

Every box includes minimum x2 random items and one exclusive handmade T-shirt. Includes very rare and unreleased items.

You are able to pick the size of clothing.

Every box will have some special bonus inside like stickers and etc.

There will be no duplicates.

Example of how a box content might look like: Exclusive T-Shirt, Random hoodie/Pants, Rare Sample Sweatshirt/Unreleased bag an etc. Small bonuses.

Please keep in mind that boxes content is random. In case of any questions call +37259057417 or e-mail