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F/W 19



Racer Worldwide® F/W 19 Fashion Show

Taking place at Y2KExpo event, mid-Rave runaway presents designers view on a modern youth urban winter look. Collection explores winter-wear traditions and technologies which play an essential role in low-temperature regions, but in the urban environment became an attribute of style, changed and distorted in a purpose of fashion.

Creative direction: Mihhail Zigadlo. Couture: Vadim Stupakov. Style: Karin Nahkur. Production assistance: Matvei Breganov, Ekaterina Shekhovtsova. Graphic art: Oleg Maksimov. Graphic design: Robin Siiman, Kirill Zakomoldin. Soundtrack: Rasmus Neljand. Make up: Anna Abrosimova, Kelly Engelbrecht. Video: Ivan Turapin. Photography: Rasmus Kooskora

Models: Johanna Puusaag, Christopher Lilleorg, Alan Solonchuk, Elina Tapilina, Steven Harma, Jaan Männima, Anastasia Korchagina, Ellena Gosman, Mark Monak, Mark Kiseljus, Lauren, Sebastian Freiberg, Camilla, Valeri Fandorin, Anna-Maria Tuisk,  Tuuli Tamm, Elena Kitsik

Event: Jaan Pavliuk, Ra Koort. DJ: Nikolajev, Top Hun

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